Down to earth Yoga in the Eden valley
and Northern Lakes
yogi in the lakes, yoga teacher.

It's me, Leigh-ann.

30 something | cake eating | gin and tonic drinking | yoga lover!
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Thank you for visiting my site, and for wanting to share your yoga journey with me.

Yoga to me is a tool, one of those cool little Swiss army things that does everything you can dream of and more... It sharpens the mind, strengthens the body, controls emotions and deepens your breath. It can help you sleep or fill you with energy, bring great power and strength to the body, or allow if to soften and relax, help the mind switch off or heighten its focus....

I teach classes that bring yoga to life, to real life, teaching you this tool so that you can whip it out of your pocket just when you really need it - Because what use is a Yoga class on a Thursday evening when you're stressed out on a Monday morning... 

On this little multi tool of yoga there are hundreds of different little gadgets, and it's up to you which ones you use - for some of us yoga is simply a wonderful way to keep fit, get your body moving and you help loose some weight, for some it's a priceless addition to their training, allowing them to stretch out properly so they can train at their full potential - and for others it's about feeling good, about getting their head in the right place and not allowing the stresses of life weigh them down.


For whatever reason you find your way to yoga and in whatever direction you'd like it to take you, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced Yogi, my classes will always be a welcoming space.  

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I am currently on maternity leave and not teaching classes at the moment.
I am unsure of when I will be returning to teaching, but you can sign up to my newsletter above to make sure you don't miss out on any updates.