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30 something, cake eating, gin and tonic drinking, yoga lover….. there's not much else there is to say to be honest.. but I will...


I have always been fascinated with the human body, as a kid I dreamt of being a Doctor (not good enough at Chemistry apparently), then went on to university to qualify as a physiotherapist (no chemistry needed!). But I began to feel that this career, this way of helping people, wasn’t the one for me. So, I soon found myself on a different path, I had no idea where it was going, but I (happily) found myself heading towards hospitality and have managed pubs, cafes, events and weddings. It was during this time that I discovered yoga, well, I mean truly discovered yoga. Of course, I’d heard of it before – I’d even been to a couple of classes a few years back (me and a friend went with her mum – I vividly remember it being the most stereotypical yoga class there ever was – old women Omming for an hour... and im 99% certain the lady next to me farted*..) and just not really connected with it if I'm honest.


But a few years older and wiser and I’d have another go – and oh my, I was hooked!

* this hardly ever happens, so please don't worry thats its going to happen to you, it wont, I promise.. And if it does who cares... 

I’d become the Oming/farting* Yogi (an incredibly humiliating story which quite frankly I love to tell because guess what – I got over it in about 10 seconds because I was all 'at one with myself' now..., and also because I was incredibly proud of the pretzel shape I’d just managed to get myself into that caused the whole incident in the first place – but if you want to hear the story, you’ll have to come to class and ask!). I realised all the 'old ladies' were way way better at this than me and the Oming felt pretty darn good...

I practised myself for a couple of years, going to any class I could find that would fit into my busy life…. Then one day I decided – bugger it, I’m off to India to do this for myself.

So I quit my job… and off to beautiful Agonda beach I flew where I spent 1 month training to be a yoga teacher – here I was thinking it would be all lovely and zen and I’d return this glowing hippie with not a care in the world – wrong!

It was flipping hard work – but it was amazing!

So here I am – you’re reading my about page because you’re thinking of coming to one of my classes – which means I passed my teacher training!! And I’m now teaching all sorts of classes all over Cumbria.

I have lived in Cumbria all my life (pretty much) and I simply love the place, the pace of life, the friendly people and of course, the views. But lets face it, sometimes we can be a little slow to catch on to these ‘new ideas’ that this modern world keeps chucking at us.

Well guess what – yoga is seriously old school, and my aim is to bring it to life for as many of you as possible. My classes will be fun, never too serious and always, always welcoming to anyone who wants to give this yoga lark a try…

peace, Love and bananas, 


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Yogi in the Lakes

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