Yoga for Children and Teens


Yoga teaches children and young adults emotional intelligence, it teaches them to notice and react to how they are feeling in positive ways and gives them tools to manage their emotions. Through knowing and understanding their own emotions, it allows them to be more aware of the emotions of their peers, teaching them kindness and empathy. By encouraging awareness of the body, breath control and mindfulness yoga has a valuable, positive impact on concentration, focus and engagement as well a allowing them to release frustrations and manage their anger. 
In this ever-modernising world, our children are slowly becoming more and more open to many forms of mental strain; pressure to do well at school, homework and exams, issues in the homelife, peer pressure and stressed out parents all have a negative emotional impact on children and young adults, who, without some guidance, do not know how to cope. Through yoga, we can begin to address these potential issues, teach them the tools they need to stop these emotions getting out of control and allow them to flourish.


As well as helping to address any emotional or mental health issues a child or young adult may be having at present, I also believe that teaching yoga to children is a step as a society we need to make. Giving them the tools they need to successfully manage their own mental health now, means they will be able to step into the wide world as an adult with confidence and a positive attitude. Many adults turn to yoga only after they have experienced stress, anxiety or other mentally straining situations, my hope is that by introducing children to yoga now, the next generation will not feel the pressures of society the way many are feeling it today. 

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