SLEEP - that thing that were supposed to do for 8 hours a day to keep us alive and kicking... yet so many people struggle to get even a few hours a night, leaving them tired, emotional and stressed.

This class focuses on the benefits that yoga can have on your nights sleep. Perfect for anyone who struggles to switch off at night and wants to try to improve their sleep habits and also for those who just want to relax. 

We will look at some gentle, relaxing postures, aimed at slowing down the breath and the heart rate, as well as some breathing techniques that can aid in bringing the body into a state more conducive to sleep. 

We will also be working with some wonderful, award winning, Neal's yard products that will complement the calming and relaxing effect of the yoga and breathing techniques.

Lastly we will settle down, comfortably, under a nice warm blanket to take part in a blissful 20 minute Yoga Nidra (yoga Sleep) where the body is guided into a deep state of relaxation. 30 minutes of yoga Nidra has been compared to upto 4 hours of normal sleep!


Ticket Price £15 this includes.... 

A Neal's Yard Remedies Night time remedies to roll (worth £8) &
a gentle night time yoga flow and breathing techniques to take home with you.

This Class must be pre booked and pre paid for as spaces are limited.