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Weekly Classes

Yoga classes to make you feel good...

Whether you're coming to a high energy vinyasa flow class, or a super relaxing restore and renew you will always find fun, laughter, support and encouragement, so that you leave feeling light hearted and uplifted...

2 months to use

5 class pass


2 months to use

All my weekly classes are drop in (drop in prices are in the details below), meaning you don't need to commit to a set number of weeks, just simply come to class as and when you're able.... 

PLease get in touch if you are thinking of joining us.


For those of you who are a little more keen, there is also the option to buy a 5 class pass - this gives you 5 classes for £30 (saving at least £1 per class!) and you still have the flexibility of having 2 months to use them. At present the pass can be allocated to once chosen timetabled class.


Yoga’s take on Bums and Tums! -  We will focus our practice on developing a strong and supple core. Not only will we strengthen and define (abs.. woohoo!) our core muscles, we will also refine – refine our movements, our control and our breath.


A perfect class for any level of fitness, be it your first steps into finding your inner strength or a cross training day for any athlete. And this is yoga after all, so we will always begin with finding our breath and some stillness, and finish with some mindful relaxation.  

Mondays | 6.15pm | 1 hour | Rheged | £7


A faster paced style of yoga - perfect for those who want a little more than 'just stretching' from their yoga class. We link the movement and the breath to create a flow, moving mindfully from one pose to the next, so not only do we stretch, we also strengthen the body and sneak some cardio in there too!


Ideal for those with some yoga experience (not necessarily vinyasa), but beginners with a good base level of fitness are also welcome.

Tuesdays | 6pm | 1 hour 15mins | Cliburn Village Hall | £7.50

Wednesdays | 6.30pm | 1 hour 15 mins | Rheged | £7.50

Wednesdays | 8pm | 1 hour | Rheged | £7


The perfect mid-week tonic (sadly, without the gin..) Join me for this truly relaxing hour of yoga where we will work to stretch out any tension in the body. This gentle but effective practice will allow you to focus on your mind, body and breath leaving you feeling blissfully relaxed and revitalised.


A quick round up of classes that happen weekly

Core Yoga

6.15pm | Rheged

Vinyasa Flow

6pm | Cliburn Village Hall

Vinyasa Flow

6.30pm | Rheged

Restore and Renew

8pm | Rheged

There are currently no weekly classes
There are currently no weekly classes

Weekly classes run throughout the school term, there are no classes during School holidays (unless otherwise stated) and on Bank Holidays.